Created for the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council/Environmental Affairs Committee participation in the 2017 Clean Streets Challenge promoting MyLA311 usage. Los Feliz was up 800 reports from last year.

Director/Writer/iPhone DP: Debra Matlock

Talent: Matlock Grossman

Sweet Ride USA TEASER TRAILER (2014)

Sweet Ride USA is a web series that combines the hedonistic pleasure of searching for desserts with the fun of riding bikes with friends.

On a shoestring budget, I produced, directed, and edited the show with longtime friend and collaborator Steve Isaacs (executive producer and host.) We produced five episodes and are currently looking to bring it to television. Shot in a documentary style, Steve and his friends go on a bike ride that not only sees parts of the city you would never discover by car but indulges in some delicious treats along the way. The best part? The ride burns off all the calories consumed.

Executive Producer/Host/Writer/Graphic Design: Steve Isaacs

Supervising Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Debra Matlock

Directors of Photography: Matt Irwin, Emilio Oliviera, Brad Grossman, Debra Matlock





I shot an interview with Ahmet Zappa in support of his children's book launch for BECAUSE I'M YOUR DAD. The interview was edited into twelve shareable clips and rolled out over the course of the launch.

Producer/Graphic Designer: Steve Isaacs

Director/DP/Editor: Debra Matlock

ENTRY N°20 (2012)

ENTRY N°20, based on author Jonathan Lethem’s short story “Entry of Buildings” is equal parts micro-documentary, visual poem, and dreamy investigation into what it is to enter one of the World’s Tallest Buildings.

Part of the Promiscuous Stories project, where author Lethem allows multiple versions of a small collection of his short stories. I deviated from the script, becoming the main character who wishes to visit all of the buildings that were ever "World's Tallest." This episode is Number 20, because the Empire State Building was the 20th building to be named that. I plan to do more as budget allows.

Organize the Team Music Video/Micro Doc (2012)

In support of the screening of the film HIP HOP MAESTRO at the Mill Valley Film Festival, daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra played an amazing show at the closing night party. I was invited to travel with the orchestra by filmmaker Christine Lee and conductor Geoff "Double G" Gallegos from LA 2 the Bay on a redeye bus ride to capture the trip.

Organize the Team is based on Schoenberg's String Quartet #1.

If you're wondering, Sol Food is a Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael that sponsored a lot of the cost for the band to travel to the film festival. In return we ate there MANY times. SO GOOD. If you go, I'll pay you to bring me a bottle of their homemade hot sauce called pique. Or you can make your own ;)

Director/DP/Editor: Debra Matlock


I got ahold of a friend's brand new Canon 7D, took our son and my Dad's old 1970 911T out to Griffith Park and shot a little Porsche commercial. I wanted to capture that bittersweet "this car will someday be yours" vibe.

Women Like You (2003) Excerpt 1

Christine Lee & I co-directed this video in 2003 for NIH/NAACP/Los Angeles HIV Prevention Trials Unit (LAHPTU) to increase awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS in the African American community and to promote a call to action for women to prioritize themselves, especially when AIDS rates are 20 times higher for African American women.

“African American women are among the greatest risk populations for HIV/AIDS,” said NAACP Health Committee Chairwoman Rupert Richardson. “The Women Like You program shows what a meaningful, sustained partnership can do to engage people at risk in early testing and prevention through compelling education and dialogue."

Co-Director/Editor: Christine Lee

Co-Director/Graphic Designer: Debra Matlock