DAY 12 - HOW TO BE AN ARTIST / by Debra Matlock

Now do this on another surface, any surface, to know what kind of material appeals to you. Draw on rock, metal, foam-core, coffee cups, labels, the sidewalk, walls, plants, fabric, wood, whatever. Just make marks; decorate these surfaces. Don’t worry about doing more. All art is a form of decoration. Now ask someone what ideas they get when they look at what you’ve made. They’ve just told you more about what you’ve already done. If the other person sees it in your work, it’s there.

(From Jerry Saltz’s How to Be an Artist)


I asked my husband and kid separately “what ideas they get when they look at (the tomato)”

Both said: Illuminati and Jack o’Lantern

Husband: money, tetris shapes falling into place, mehndi, inadvertent writing.

Kid: Strawberry, llama, Kite, star, angry, surveillance, ambiguity, squishy